Throughout my career, I’ve worked with many of America’s leading companies and governments at every level, from Presidents and Cabinet members to state agencies, state governments, and local entities.  I’m all about getting things done, things that make a meaningful difference, not just making people feel like we’re making a difference.  The shackles of red tape and bureaucracy are not only frustrating, it stifles innovation, hinders both individuals and businesses, and quite frankly, lacks any common sense.  I want to focus my experience and passion where one person can make a difference for the families and communities that are the bedrock of this great state and why I love Utah.

There are great challenges and opportunities in the growth we’ve experienced in the last decade.  With significant changes coming to the Point of the Mountain, and exponential development happening in our area, we must be strategic and thoughtful about planning for our future.  We need a strong advocate with significant experience working with, and sometimes working around, government and quasi-government entities and businesses to ensure that the urgent issues facing our area are not overlooked. 

I hope to earn your vote. And I hope that you will join my team. Not just to get elected – but to strategically plan and build a better tomorrow together.

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